We prepare meals with the freshest ingredients and give you the nutritional tools to help plan your ideal diet.


At Fresh Roots, we take the guesswork out of out of meal prepping. No matter your fitness needs, dietary restrictions, whether it’s bulking or cutting season, we have meals that will meet your nutritional goals. For the weightlifter, the cyclist, the young professional on the go, or just someone looking for healthy meals that taste great, Fresh Roots has you covered. Fresh Roots’ menu is updated often and focuses on four main categories- Lean, Keto & Paleo options, Athlete Recovery, and our Bulk menu we created with growing families in mind. At Fresh Roots bringing the farm-to-table movement away from expensive restaurants and directly into our homes is our mission. Our meals are prepared with locally sourced, nutritious ingredients that support a balanced lifestyle of health, wellness and good eating. Let us help you simplify your daily routine by taking the guesswork out of “What’s to eat?”- Fresh Roots is the answer.


Eat Better, Choose Fresh. This is the slogan that drove us to create Fresh Roots. After months of searching for an affordable meal prep service that would deliver to Mississippi, we decided to look within and found the answer- Fresh Roots.  We believe that it is time to offer a much better “meal” alternative and thought why not begin our journey in our favorite city that happens to be the home of our Alma Mater Oxford, MS.

Eat better. Choose Fresh. Those statements are as deeply rooted in Mississippi as the company itself as we strive to use as much local produce in the creations of our meals as possible. Fitness is our passion and living a healthy lifestyle is at the center of that. We’re also southerners, and in staying true to our roots, we wanted to strike a balance in our meals between tasting good and being healthy. That balance has been struck! We’re here to introduce great-tasting, healthy meals sourced from local farms into your daily routines. Fresh Roots’ meals aren’t based around a diet; they’re a lifestyle decision.


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